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      News — Camping Shower Gear

      A Perfect Guide for storing camping gear by yourself

      A Perfect Guide for storing camping gear by yourself

      Nowadays, people are not very used to carrying things with them, and they want to travel with a lighter weight. Therefore, container stores and portable camping gear came into the market to make it easy for everyone. But most of us still wonder about storing camping gear. A little planning can go a long way when keeping your camping gear from BeachBox

      Packing and organizing your gear with extra care will make retrieving your bag from your storage unit for your first spring camping trip a breeze. With these ideas for storing your outdoor equipment and Portable Shower for Camping, BeachBox is here to help you through the process.

      Clean it before you prepare it to store

      As you prepare to store your gear for the winter, give it a thorough cleaning. When you unload your tent from storage in the spring, the last thing you want is dirt all over the place. Also, make sure your stuff is dehydrated. You don't want to wake up in a moldy sleeping bag or tent. Make sure your camping stove and equipment are free of grease and filth. All of this will result in a cleaner storage facility and longer-lasting equipment.

      Make the Most of Your Space

      Be inventive as you stow everything away. Do you have a place to put that 65-liter backpack you've hauled along so many trails? Then, before storing it, make sure to stuff all of your gear into it, including sleeping bags and pads, lamps, and ultralight collapsible chairs. Don't squander room by scattering your belongings across your storage container.

      Buy your accessories

      Bring in some shelving if you genuinely want to enhance your storage game. Drilling screws or pounding nails into the walls isn't necessary with an old bookshelf or industrial shelving. Adhesive wall hooks are another fantastic alternative for hanging some of your wandering items. You can buy Portable Shower for camping; compression sacks, flashlights, hammocks, and even lightweight cookery sets are potential choices.

      Strategically pack

      This one is self-evident, but it's still worth addressing. Once the weather warms up, you'll want easy access to your gear, so keep your camping gear and any other seasonal goods, patio furniture, yard equipment, etc., towards the front of your unit.


      With the help of these few tips, you can adequately prepare your camping gear. You can get everything you need at the BeachBox when going camping by using our convenient and portable shower products at the most reasonable prices.






      Beneficial Features of Portable Shower for Camping

      If you want to spend some quality time with your family and friends away from the bustling city life, camping will make an ideal choice. It gives you time to reconnect with your inner self and create memories with your loved ones that you can cherish forever. Though people travel light on such trips, camping showers will be an excellent option to carry along if you are a dedicated camper. 

      A portable shower for camping makes sure that you don’t have to worry about staying fresh. BeachBox offers different portable showers with several features that make your trip hygienic and comfortable. One can also store the hot water to enjoy a warm shower if they are camping in some low-temperature place. Apart from that, the storage tub with the shower will be a great storage option.

      Some of the camping shower gear that will make your trip comfortable are:

      1. Portable shower tubs

      BeachBox offers portable shower tubs along with its camping showers to offer you extra space to keep your additional items. The attached bin or tub works as a modular storage unit, so you don’t have to leave behind any of your important stuff. Once you reach the place, put the tub back to its use by stepping into it and using the handheld shower to feel refreshed. 

      1. Storage Boxes for Camping

      Some of the best storage boxes for camping are available with BeachBox. They are handy and versatile boxes that one can use to store the shower tank and other luggage. When you are done using them as a storage unit, step into the box and take a nice warm shower after a long day of trekking and camping activities. 

      1. Shower tanks

      BeachBox has some of the best lightweight shower tanks. Store the water in it and carry them along for your camping trip or beach trip. The lightweight heavy insulated material of the shower makes it easier to take it on long trips. Our shower tanks offer a run time of approx. 4-5 minutes of hot or cold water.  

      1. Multiple shower modes

      We have some top-notch camping showers that come with multiple modes. Use the shower mode to take a satisfying rinse-off and the jet mode to clean other gear and equipment. 

       Apart from the above-mentioned camping shower gearone can carry the BeachBox for other activities, including hiking, biking, road trips, surfing, and many others, to make the journey hygienic and comfortable. Explore more products and accessories at an affordable price by visiting our website.